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Pick My Solar increases the adoption of small-scale solar electricity systems for members of participating non-profit groups through an outreach and education campaign coupled with competitive pricing. Pick My Solar will donate $1,000 to Marion Institute for every residence that makes the switch with them.

Nicole Morris-McLaughlin
Program Coordinator, Marion Institute

“Marion Institute is proud to partner with Pick My Solar to help eco-minded consumers throughout Massachusetts with the easiest way to receive multiple quotes from highly qualified local solar and energy storage installers. Pick My Solar’s online solar marketplace and customer-first focus gives us great confidence to recommend them to all of our community members.”

Hassle-Free Solar

Step 1.

Chat with your personal energy advisor to learn about solar for your home.

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See what the most qualified solar providers in your area are offering.

Step 3.

Compare your options and pick the offer that best fits your preferences.

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Mass Solar Loan is a state program offering financing deals to make going solar more affordable for Commonwealth residents. The state works with local banks to reduce your interest payments and make solar more affordable.

The Program Includes:

  • Median Loan Term/Interest – 10 Years at 3.25%
  • 1.5% Interest Rate Buy Down
  • Income-Based Loan Support
  • Loan Loss Reserve Incentives

To see if you qualify for the Mass Solar Loan Support Incentives click here

Your home’s energy usage can now be easily assessed by one of Mass Save’s expert Energy Specialists. The assessment will determine if your home’s efficiency can be improved upon to help you save on your monthly bills.

Your assessment will include:

  • Analysis of your energy usage
  • Personalised list of energy-saving tips
  • Curated plan to maximize your home’s future efficiency
  • Infrared testing to determine if you need additional insulation
  • Combustion safety testing to check for harmful gas leaks or spills
  • Eligibility screening for further possible rebates and incentives
  • Installation of qualified energy saving products

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An Unmatched Experience

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  •   Free, friendly service
  •    Educational approach
  •    Engaging, online platform
  •    Takes less than an hour
  •    Multiple offers to pick from
  •    Comprehensive system guarantee

Traditional Process

  •    Pushy sales tactics
  •    Limited transparency
  •    Awkward home visits
  •    Takes weeks of legwork
  •    One single offer
  •    Basic coverage

Customer Highlights

Jeff & Sally B.

Los Angeles, CA – System Size 3.92kW

  • Electric bill before solar $98 / Electric bill after solar $2
  • Lifetime Savings $35,894
  • Lifetime Environmental Impact CO2 Offset – 510,300 lbs

Peter C.

Claremont, CA – System Size 13.92kW

  • Electric bill before solar $428 / Electric bill after solar $2
  • Lifetime Savings $220,220
  • Lifetime Environmental Impact CO2 Offset – 1,510,300 lbs

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