Be a Solar Advocate!

Who are Solar Advocates?

Advocates love clean energy!

Anyone can become an Advocate. If you’re a Pick My Solar customer, you’re already qualified to be an Advocate. If you haven’t started a clean energy project with Pick My Solar, you can register to be an Advocate below to claim referral rewards.

Advocacy Rewards

Individuals you refer to Pick My Solar will receive a $250 cash rebate on their solar system. We also reward Advocates $250 for each of their referrals that go solar.

How do I refer a friend?

All Advocates are supplied a personal invite link. Share it with your friends and your referral will be automatically tagged to their project. Alternatively, you can simply have your friend mention your name to our Energy Advisors. Be sure you’re a registered Advocate, so we know who you are and how to reward you.

Solar Advocate Sign Up

If you don’t already have a solar project with Pick My Solar, you can sign up here to become an Advocate. Questions? Contact us.

By submitting, I agree to the Advocate & Referral Terms and Conditions below.

Advocate & Referral Terms and Conditions 

Everyone with a Pick My Solar account has a personal invite link that can be shared with friends interested in creating an account. You’ll receive rewards when new customers go solar from using your invite link, or when they mention your name to our solar advisors online or over the phone. There is no limit to the number of individuals you can refer to Pick My Solar.
Referred customers must be new to Pick My Solar and not already registered in our system. Customers are not permitted to refer themselves. Referrals are not for commercial purposes and should not be published on coupon websites.
When a referral is successful, the referral reward checks will be mailed to both the referred custom and the referring Advocate within 30 days of the referred customer’s solar system receiving utility Permission To Operate (PTO).  The standard referral reward amount is $250 to both parties. The referral reward amount may vary based on the referred customers registration date, project location, and program. 
If you referred someone to Pick My Solar and haven’t received the referral reward check, this may be because the customer did not enter your invite link, did not mention your name to us, or hasn’t fully completed going solar with us. Please remind and encourage them to finish their project!
For tax purposes, in order to receive more than $600 in referral rewards in one calendar year, you must provide Pick My Solar with all necessary tax forms. A Pick My Solar representative will contact you if this situation pertains to you.
Personal invite links cannot be personalized. Pick My Solar reserves the right to suspend any personal invite link or modify referrals as deemed fair and appropriate if we notice any activity that we believe is abusive or fraudulent.