We’ve Dramatically Simplified Solar

Step 1 – Meet Your Energy Advisor

Chat with your dedicated advisor to learn about your clean energy options.
Finalize the unique details of your project.
We’ll accurately design and size your system.
Free Solar Analysis

Step 2 – Review Your Options

See what the most qualified solar installers in your area are offering.
Compare equipment, financing options, and solar installers.
We’ll give you expert insight on your options based on over 50 variables.

Step 3 – Pick Your Solar

Select the offer that makes the most sense for your home.
Your system is tracked to ensure timely installation.
Pick My Solar TriGuard
We’ll monitor your system and cover it with our TriGuard Guarantee.

Jeff and Sally, two of our happy customers

Pick My Solar

What we do
  • Advise and educate you on project parameters
  • Rate schedule, incentives, permitting, and net-metering analysis
  • Remote site analysis and design
  • 3D-modeled production simulation
  • Curating of 6-8 bids on your project from top, vetted solar providers
  • Algorithmic analysis on each bid
  • Source best financing option in your area
  • Draft and review solar agreement
What we need from you
  • 15-minute phone consultation
  • Share electricity usage and breaker box information
  • Review system design, cost estimates, and provider bids
  • Pick a solar bid
  • Review and accept solar agreement
  • Complete paperwork if financing

Selected Solar Provider

What they do
  • Site visit after you accept solar agreement
  • Crafting and applying for permits
  • Material procurement and delivery
  • System installation and cleanup
  • Building inspection walk-through
  • Rebates and utility interconnection paperwork
  • System monitoring
What they need from you
  • Be available for a site visit at your home
  • Approve system design plans
  • Let construction commence
  • Complete Form 5695 when filing taxes
    (to get your tax credit)
  • Save money, be happy
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