The TriGuard Guarantee

We want you to go solar with confidence; that’s why we guarantee our systems with three levels of protection. TriGuard ensures that your solar system maintains optimal performance expectations

Pick My Solar Production Guarantee

We stand behind our installation partner’s quality of work and our engineering team’s system design work. We’re so confident in delivering you correct estimates that we offer our own Production Guarantee to every customer.

We guarantee that any solar system installed through our platform will generate 90% of the kilowatt-hours that was agreed upon. 90% accounts for the weather variance factor caused by changes in sunlight, soiling, and temperature variations. At the end of the 12-month anniversary of the fully operational system, if the cumulative kWh generated by the system is less than the guaranteed production, then we will pay you an amount equal to the difference in kWh, multiplied by a predetermined rate based on the customer’s utility electricity pricing.

Installer Workmanship Warranty

All of our certified Solar Installers carry a comprehensive Workmanship Warranty. For at least 10 years after system installation, they promise to bear the full cost of diagnosing, repairing, or replacing any component of the solar system that fails or malfunctions. This also includes any roof leaks caused from the installation of the system.

Solar System Manufacturers Warranty

All of the solar modules presented to our customers include a robust power warranty from the manufacturers. For at least 10 years after installation of inverters and modules, manufacturers guarantee your system components to be free from material defects under normal usage conditions. Manufacturers also includes minimum power production ratings for each panel for 25 years or more. If any system component  fails to meet warrantied conditions, the manufacturer will replace, repair, or refund the defective equipment at no cost to you. The labor for this is typically covered by the installer.