Claremont neighbors, get solar estimates with a simple search.

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Get solar estimates
with a simple search.


Pick My Solar is a free, online platform to compare solar offers from the best solar installers. Our competitive marketplace automatically finds you the best deals, saving you time and money.

Less Work

Automatically receive the best solar offers from our network of providers.

More Savings

Solar providers compete to earn your project, saving you as much as 20%.

100% Online

Sit back, relax, and go solar. Your project is organized remotely.


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Sustainable Claremont is looking for hundreds of residents to switch to solar and transition the city to clean energy sources. If you go solar using Pick My Solar, your contribution to the environment will go even further – Pick My Solar has pledged to donate $750 to Sustainable Claremont on your behalf!

Steve Sabicer
Sustainable Claremont

“Sustainable Claremont is excited to partner with Pick My Solar to help more Claremont residents make educated decisions about residential solar. We know that going solar can be a complicated and overwhelming process.  We hope the Pick My Solar marketplace simplifies that process, and offers Claremont residents greater peace of mind.”

Hassle-Free Solar

Step 1.

Chat with your personal energy advisor to learn about solar for your home.

Step 2.

See what the most qualified solar providers in your area are offering.

Step 3.

Compare your options and pick the offer that best fits your preferences.

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An Unmatched Experience

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  •   Free, friendly service
  •    Educational approach
  •    Engaging, online platform
  •    Takes less than an hour
  •    Multiple offers to pick from
  •    Comprehensive system guarantee

Traditional Process

  •    Pushy sales tactics
  •    Limited transparency
  •    Awkward home visits
  •    Takes weeks of legwork
  •    One single offer
  •    Basic coverage

Customer Highlights

Jeff & Sally B.

 Claremont, CA- System Size 3.92kW

  • Electric bill before solar $98 / Electric bill after solar $2
  • Lifetime Savings $35,894
  • Lifetime Environmental Impact CO2 Offset – 510,300 lbs

Peter C.

Claremont, CA – System Size 13.92kW

  • Electric bill before solar $428 / Electric bill after solar $2
  • Lifetime Savings $220,220
  • Lifetime Environmental Impact CO2 Offset – 1,510,300 lbs

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