Home Battery

Experience the cutting edge of clean technology and be the ultimate environmental champion.

Outsmart the Grid – Use your stored solar energy during hours when the grid costs are the highest. Avoid paying 3 times as much for your energy during the afternoon and early evening by using the energy your solar system already created.

Self-Consumption – Use your stored solar energy at night, when your system is no longer producing any energy. Avoid using dirty, night-time grid energy and power your life with 100% renewable energy.

Backup Power – Use your stored energy when the grid fails from a blackout. Create your very own micro-grid, where your house is independent from the grid and can operate around the clock.

California Incentives

The California Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) is a monetary incentive program for homeowners in California who install a battery for home energy storage. Homeowners will receive the incentives on a first-come first-served basis, so act soon to take advantage of the more than $50M available for residential systems. For more information, visit the California Public Utilities Commission’s SGIP portal.


Capacity – 10.0 kWh
Power – 7.0 kW

Max Incentive – $4,000 (SGIP Step 2)


Capacity – 9.8 kWh
Power – 5.0 kW

Max Incentive – $3,920 (SGIP Step 2)

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