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2019’s Best Solar Inverters

February 2, 2019

This week’s livestream is about the best solar inverters and Pick My Solar’s best sellers in 2018.


The top inverter in 2019 is SolarEdge with 63% of total sales on our platform. SolarEdge is followed by SunPower and Enphase with 22% and 15% of sales respectively. We have seen a 60-40 split between the SolarEdge and the rest.

Let us dive into more details on these inverters.


  • SolarEdge is the most commonly installed inverter globally due to their best-in-class monitoring system, warranty, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Their monitoring platform offers an enhanced PV performance monitoring through immediate fault detection at all levels – module, string, and system.
  • solar-edge-invertersSolarEdge offers string plus power optimizers which gives you the benefits of a micro-inverter. So, the whole system is not affected if one panel goes down as it helps you to get production from the remaining panels which is a new feature to string inverters to make them more competitive.


  • SunPower has the most efficient panels in the solar industry and their products are considered as premium.
  • SunPower inverters come with their own solar modules.

SunPower Inveter

  • They acquired a Texas-based micro-inverter company, SolarBridge. So, everything is factory integrated with a preloaded micro-inverter which is quicker install.
  • They have a great monitoring system as well.
  • SunPower back their installation, parts, and labor with a 25 years warranty.


  • Micro-inverters, installed alongside the individual panels, will convert direct current generated from the solar panel into alternating current AC that helps to run your home appliances.
  • In general, a solar panel system with micro-inverters is considered more efficient than one with power optimizers. However, micro-inverters have more up-front costs and maintenance costs when compared with string inverters or power optimizers.

enphase inverter

  • Depending on the model, Enphase’s micro-inverters come with either a 25-year or 15-year warranty.
  • Micro-inverters are for people who are looking for more than production. They offer better aesthetics with very less equipment to be visible.


  • These are regular string inverters and are used in large and commercial products.
  • They are considered as reliable and are of good quality inverters. It also provides an optional extended 10-year warranty.


  • One outstanding feature of SMA is their power supply. It has a small outlet that gives you about 1200 watts which you can use when the system is down.

Sales 2017 vs. 2018

SolarEdge is the top player in both the years. There is an increase in SunPower sales this year, leaving it at second position followed by Enphase.

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