Expedited Solar Experience for PG&E Customers


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🔔 SPECIAL UPDATE: Due to PG&E’s recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy announcement and imminent increases to utility rates and installation processing, Pick My Solar is guaranteeing to all PG&E customers who register between January 14th and March 31st, 2019:

  1. 24-hour turnaround on solar bids*
  2. Solar installation within 90 days*
  3. $250 rebate for solar systems that are paired with a home battery

* Any project that extends beyond one or both of these timelines will receive a $250 company rebate when they go solar.

Terms and conditions: Pick My Solar is not affiliated, sponsored, or associated with PG&E, it’s products or it’s services. All solar projects located within PG&E’s electrical service territory and registered between 1/14/2019 and 3/31/2019 are automatically qualified for this special. 24-hour bids turnaround (item #1) is defined as the period between email notification of project submission for bids and email notification of bids received. 90 day solar installation (item #2) is defined as the period between solar Home Improvement Agreement signing and solar project receiving utility Permission To Operate. Home battery projects do not qualify for 90 day installation guarantee (item #2). If applicable, rebate checks will be distributed to customers within 60 days of the date of physical system installation.