Solar Complements Electric Vehicles

Solar complements electric vehicles

Maximize your savings and sustainability by charging your EV or plug-in hybrid with a rooftop solar system. Our free service will design a custom system based on your EV model. We source competitive bids from the best solar installers in your area so you’ll never need to feel any sales pressure.

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Solar with Electric Vehicles

Your Benefits

Multiple Solar Bids

Receive solar pricing quotes from the best local installers in your area. We take care of all the legwork so you don’t need to deal with pushy sales people.

Maximize Your Savings

Pick My Solar saves you an average of 20% more than if you obtained quotes on your own. Solar saves homeowners around $56,000 in energy costs over 25 years.

Clean EV Charging

Charging your EV with a rooftop solar array guarantees that the electricity is totally fossil-free. It’s a simple way to make a positive impact on the environment.

Charging EVs Cost $780/Year

Eliminate this expense and your entire electricity bill by installing a residential solar system to charge your EV. These systems can pay for themselves within 6 years compared against the cost of a gas-powered car without home solar. Review the full analysis of how solar complements electric vehicles on our blog.

Solar with EVs

Our Customer Experience

Our solar customers love the value we bring to their solar buying experience!

Jeff B.

“Pick My Solar acted like my own personal engineer and my own personal advocate to help me put the system together.”

Peter C.

“I didn’t want to underinvest and I didn’t want to over-invest. I wanted to find that sweet spot, and Pick My Solar found it for me.”

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