Dan H.

Redlands, California

“I discovered Pick My Solar at their booth at CicLAvia and I am so glad I did!”

– Dan

System Overview

25x SolarWorld280Mono Plus

Average Monthly Electric Bill

Before Solar: $250
After Solar: $0

Overall Savings

Annual Savings: $4,588
Lifetime Savings: $114,689

Lifetime Environmental Impact

CO2 Offset: 315,000 lbs
Equivalent to 349,344 miles driven

Dan’s Story

“I had just completed construction of a solar structure on the alley behind my home, and I was in search of a solar installer. I had received several bids from solar companies and private contractors and was stumped as to whom to choose and what kind of system was best for my needs. Each had a slightly different take on what was best and I was confused.

Joe was my rep at Pick My Solar and he was absolutely great. Ten competitive bids were obtained and the top three were recommended. I ended up going with the top recommendation, and could not have been more pleased. The work was completely only two weeks after the permit was obtained and fully installed in three days. 

“My electric bill in September was $450 in 2015. It was $9.94 this September (2016).”

These were city fees and taxes I generated well more than I used even with the air cranked up. Don’t get the idea that I am an easy sell, just ask Joe! I am a lawyer and it took me over a month to decide to go with the recommended bid. During that time, I checked out the vendor, the product(s) they were offering, and Pick My Solar. All of them checked out. I had many questions for Joe and he competently answered all of them. Thanks Joe, and thank you Pick My Solar.”



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