Peter C.

Claremont, California

“The thing I remember most about Pick My Solar was how easy it was to use. It’s a powerful idea executed in a very user-friendly way. The idea of profiling the home, figuring out how much solar that individual needs, getting a number of different quotes assembled, and then supplying the homeowner with the three best quotes seemed like a very logical, straightforward idea. And this was all free of charge and right in the right price range for me.”

– Peter

System Overview

47x SolarWorld 280W Mono

Average Monthly Electric Bill

Before Solar: $428
After Solar: $2

Overall Savings

Annual Savings: $8,808
Lifetime Savings: $220,220

Lifetime Environmental Impact

CO2 Offset: 592,200 lbs
Equivalent to 656,766 miles driven

Peter’s Story

“I had a local friend here in Claremont who was a part-time installer. I’d known him for a number of years and he put together a bid (for my project), but I had no way to know whether that was a high or low or really anything else about the bid. It was a freestanding quotation. He bid at about $58,000 for this size of system. All three of the quotations supplied by Pick My Solar were $41,000 or less.

“I was fascinated by the fact that all three of these qualified bids were within a thousand dollars of each other, so I had that sense that I was really at the market price.”

I didn’t want to underinvest and I didn’t want to over-invest. I wanted to find that sweet spot, and I didn’t know how I could really find that, so Pick My Solar found it for me.”

– Peter


Customer Project Profiles

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