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What exactly will Pick My Solar do for me?

We’ll have a quick phone consultation to conduct an analysis on your project. We’ll then evaluate enhanced satellite photos of your roof, local ratings of sun exposure, and your local utility rate schedule. This will allow our engineers to design your perfect solar power system. We’ll then find up to a dozen offers for your project from prequalified solar companies. You’ll receive bids, analysis, and recommendations from your personal solar expert. Then it’s up to you to decide.

You won’t have to deal with a single salesman or any high pressure situations. Your information is secure with us. If you decide to go solar, we assist with providing official contracts right on our site between you and the solar installer. Once you e-sign the contract, we will start working directly with the installer to get your project installed and we will be with you all along the way to make sure your system is installed with ultimate satisfaction.

What geographic areas does Pick My Solar service?

We have solar provider partners in every state in the country (except Alaska). These partners have gone through our rigorous vetting process and are Pick My Solar qualified installers. However, our complete service is not yet offered in every region. The full Pick My Solar experience is available in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. Where our service is not offered, we’ll connect you free of charge to the top approved installer in your area. Stay tuned – we’re expanding.

Does Pick My Solar install solar panels?

Pick My Solar will not install your system. We are a marketplace that sources the best installers, manufacturers, and financiers to find you the best home solar system. One of our approved solar providers in our network will install your system.

Is this service really 100% online?

Our software allows us to do an analysis on your project and procure bids while completely remote. It’s best if we have a few short phone calls to discuss details about your solar project, but other than that, it’s 100% online. 

How accurate is the Bid Generator?

Our bid generator should give a decent ballpark for your system cost and savings and is based on our historical solar pricing database. The bid generator is able to identify your utility rate schedules and pricing in your area and calculate your solar savings using your average monthly electric bill. However, every project is different, so you will need to wait until we deliver bids to be certain of your results.

Will Pick My Solar evaluate the solar quotes I already have?

Absolutely. If you already have quotes in-hand it makes our job easier. We’ll know exactly what you are looking for, which will only expedite the process for you.. We’ll evaluate the bids you have, and then provide competitive bids from our network. Once you compare the two, we’re certain you’ll see the value we bring to the table in both quality and price.

How much does it cost to use Pick My Solar?

Our service is completely free for you. No hidden charges or unexpected fees.

How does Pick My Solar make money?

Sales and marketing costs in the solar industry are extremely high, ranging from $3,000 to $6,000 per project. We’ve eliminated these costs for solar providers, and in doing so, we get paid a fraction of what it typically costs them. It is a success fee paid directly from the solar provider to Pick My Solar. We will never charge you.

How does Pick My Solar stay unbiased?

The only way we make money is if we deliver you an outstanding solar option you choose to move forward with. Our fee is flat across solar providers, equipment, financing, etc. This makes our platform and our solar experts completely agnostic to the factors of the system. The one and only thing we care about is delivering you the ultimate value. We will explain basic solar energy facts, our process, and answer any questions you may have. 

What sort of solar equipment do you use?

Our platform has thousands of equipment options. If the quality of solar equipment is high enough to meet our qualifications, we offer it. Though we offer it all, most of our customers tend to choose top tier equipment, including LG, SolarWorld, Solaredge, and Enphase, to name a few.

Does Pick My Solar offer lease and purchase options?

We offer all financing options available on the market. It is up to you to choose. 

How does Pick My Solar decide which financing options to display?

Based off of your specific information, such as credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and income tax bracket, we’ll find the perfect solar financing solution for your situation. Most of our customers opt for solar loans. There are over a dozen loan options on the market our optimization engine evaluates to determine which is most beneficial to you – but the choice is yours.

Can I go $0 down with Pick My Solar?

Yes! We offer any option of going solar that you have heard about (likely a much better offer). We’ll educate you on the different options but we’ll leave the decision to you.

Who will find out if I qualify for rebates and tax credits?

Pick My Solar has an extensive database of solar incentives that we are constantly updating. To ensure we maximize your savings, we’ll be sure to plug in all the rebates, tax credits, and other incentives available for your project.

Will you cater to my specific needs?

Simply put, yes. We try to be as flexible as possible. Many installers will only do cookie-cutter projects that are very straightforward. With us, we have such a large network that we will always have a partner interested in your project. Just tell us what you need!

Do you guarantee the best price?

We guarantee the best price for the same value deal. If we’re offering premier equipment and you show us a bid with low quality equipment, we’ll need to adjust our equipment offering to match it. The same goes for the quality of an installer. An installer that is more bankable will demand a higher price because they’re more likely to be able to stand behind their warranties.

What warranties does Pick My Solar offer?

Pick My Solar offers the industry’s only triple coverage warranty, the TriGuard Guarantee. You’ll have manufacturer warranties, solar provider warranties, and the Pick My Solar production guarantee. We’re so confident in our solar provider partners, that we stand behind their work by guaranteeing solar power production for the first year.

Will I sign a contract with Pick My Solar?

Your installation contract will not be with Pick My Solar – it will be directly with the solar provider we match you with. The contract will be a Pick My Solar standardized contract that we’ve drafted up to work for more than 100 different solar providers, while also keeping your best interest in mind. We’ll e-send you the contract via Docusign only after your selected solar provider has signed off. Pick My Solar will sign a contract guaranteeing your system’s production.