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How long does the bidding process take?

Once we have received all required details, you should have your solar quotes and analysis in-hand within 2 business days.

Will installers contact me to bid on my project?

We put all your project information together (excluding your address and contact information) in the exact format an installer needs to place a binding bid on your project. No contact necessary! This saves them time, which saves you money.

How does Pick My Solar decide who bids on my project?

Pick My Solar will not install your system. We are a marketplace that sources the best installers, manufacturers, and financiers to find you the perfect system. One of our approved solar providers in our network will install your system.

How many bids will I receive?

If we show you a dozen bids, it will create a lot of unnecessary confusion. Our algorithms sort out the top 3 bids for you to choose from.

What factors do you look at when selecting bids for me?

There are 50+ factors considered. These range from solar provider details, quality of equipment, coverage of warranties, financing options, and overall costs and savings. Pick My Solar assesses all these factors to rank bids. We’ll then present you with the top three solar quotes.

Here are some of the factors considered on our platform:

Category Group Factor
Customer reviews
Years in business
Number of employees
Number of installations
Area served
Payment reliability
Online reviews Yelp, BBB, Angie’s List, etc.
Meets production estimates
Timely installation
Price Price per watt
90% power output warranty period
80% power output warranty period
Equipment defect warranty term
UL fire classification
High value recycling
Energy & GHGs
Conflict minerals
Number of employees
Years in business
Electrical characteristics
Power Rating
Power per unit area
Peak efficiency
Temperature coefficient of power
Power tolerances
Number of cells
Maximum system voltage
Mechanical characteristics
Output terminal type
Cable wire type
Frame color
Installation method
Price Price per watt
Warranty Term
Number of employees
Years in business
Electrical characteristics
Maximum input current
Peak power tracking voltage
Number of MPPTs
Operating voltage range
Rated power output
Weighted efficiency
Mechanical characteristics
Ambient temperature range
Cooling method
Monitoring System
Production metering
Consumption metering
Technology accuracy
Local data storage
Data sampling period

Will the bid cost be all-inclusive?

Yes! Aside from odd scenarios like a re-roof, your bid will show exactly what you need to pay. It will include permitting costs, taxes, and more. Check out the full list here.

Why is there a difference in cash and loan pricing?

The loan price is your true system cost. The cash price includes a cash discount. Why the cash discount? Similar to closing costs on a mortgage, there are additional costs the installer incurs through a financed deal. The installer is not making more money on these deals, rather the financier is taking a small margin to deliver the competitive rates. So by eliminating financing, the installer can give you a cash discount.

Am I obligated to select a bid?

No. We are confident we’ll find you an extremely attractive bid that you’ll want to move forward with. However, please be respectful of our time if you are not interested in the initial bid generator savings. Those numbers aren’t exact, but should give you a good ballpark of your savings. We’re happy to find bids for any serious customers.

How long do I have to select a bid?

Once we present the bids to you, we guarantee the bids for 14 days. After the 14 days, we’ll need to reconfirm pricing and equipment supply with the solar provider. Due to solar providers demand and equipment supply constantly changing, their pricing may fluctuate.

What happens after I select a bid to move forward with?

After you choose a bid, we’ll draft up a contract with our standard template. You’ll then have the ability to review and e-sign the document. Once the contract is signed, we’ll then introduce you to the selected solar provider.

Will the cost change after the solar provider comes out to my house?

We have an extremely low change order rate – less than 5%. We take every necessary step to ensure we give you final pricing. If there are any changes to cost, such as structural issues, our solar providers must have these changes approved by Pick My Solar. We’ve got your back!

Is Pick My Solar out of the process after I sign a contract?

We’re not going anywhere. You’ll be introduced to the selected provider, and you’ll also be introduced to a member of our Customer Success team. They’ll be assigned specifically to your project and will be with you throughout the entire installation process to ensure everything is moving forward smoothly. Once your system is installed, we’re still there for help, whether it’s monitoring your system or answering questions.