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Why should I use Pick My Solar instead of going directly to an installer?

If you go to just one installer, you’ll have no idea if their quote is at the market price. It is strongly recommended that for any construction project you get at least 3 bids. With Pick My Solar, you only need one point of contact, and we’ll receive a dozen bids on average on your project from only the highest quality installers in your area. These installers are competing for your business and saving money on sales and marketing, meaning your cost with us will be 20% below market average. You save time, money, and have an advocate on your side to make sure your project is installed smoothly.

How is Pick My Solar different from a normal solar provider?

We are a solar marketplace that finds you the best solar offer on the market. We will not install your system ourselves, but have one of our trusted partners (that you select) install the system. We will help you evaluate equipment, financing, and installer options. We’ve done the research and have the solar experts on staff to help you go solar.

How is Pick My Solar different from a salesperson?

Solar salespeople have a bad rap for aggressive, high-pressure sales tactics. Typically, they will come into your home to do a consultation and many times want you to sign a contract on the spot. Their follow-up efforts can be aggressive. We’re here to end the need for that terrible experience. Our solar experts are here to help you and make recommendations for you. We never need to come to your home. We also provide multiple options for installer, equipment, and financing, while the typical salesperson has a sole offering to sell. Since we are not financially motivated to push one option over another, you can be sure that our only motivation is to give you the absolute best service.