The TriGuard Guarantee
Terms and Conditions

TriGuard Conditions

TriGuard ensures that any solar system installed through Pick My Solar maintains projected performance conditions throughout its usage. It does this by offering the solar system manufacturers warranty, installer workmanship warranty, and Pick My Solar Production Guarantee to every Pick My Solar customer.

Pick My Solar Production Guarantee

Pick My Solar guarantees that during the Warranty Period the System will generate 95% (weather variance factor) of the kilowatt-hours (“Forecasted kWh”) described in the Agreement. The Production Guarantee Forecasted kWh will reflect that latest version of the Agreement, which is subject to increase or decrease after the initial site visit. The weather variance factor is due to fluctuation of annual production. This is caused by weather, sunlight, soiling, and temperature variations. Production will exceed expectations in some months and fall short in others. If at the end of the 12-month anniversary of the fully operational System, the cumulative kWh generated by the System is less than the weather variated guaranteed production, then Pick My Solar will pay you an amount equal to the difference, if any, multiplied by the utility base electricity rate for your area.

“Produced kWh” is the AC electricity produced by your System in kilowatt-hours measured and recorded by your solar monitoring system during the first 12 months of a fully operational system. Pick My Solar must have access to your monitoring system immediately after the system is deemed fully operational. If the monitoring system is not functioning correctly, we will estimate Produced kWh by reasonable means.

This production guarantee is only valid for Systems that include monitoring systems. The monitoring system must be functioning properly at all times for the duration of the 12-month period the production guarantee is valid. You are responsible for ensuring the monitoring system is functioning consistent with the manufacturer’s specifications at least once every 30 days. If at any point in time the monitoring system fails to function properly, or if it is apparent that the System is under producing, you must immediately notify Pick My Solar so the problem can be addressed.

This production guarantee will only go into effect if no other warranty or guarantee covers system underperformance. Therefore, if the installation partner or manufacturer cover system underperformance, their liability will be exhausted before the Pick My Solar Production Guarantee will go into effect. You will in no situation receive payment for the production guarantee from multiple parties.

This production guarantee does not substitute or take on any liability from other warranties or guarantees provided on this System. It strictly will cover the difference in Guaranteed kWh and Produced kWh, during the warranty period, at a per kilowatt-hour rate described as $/kWh Guarantee, and only in the event that the Produced kWh is less than the Guaranteed kWh.

This production guarantee provided does not apply to any lost power production of the System that result from the following:

(i)  someone other than Pick My Solar, the selected installation partner, or an approved service provider remove, re-install, service, or repair the System.

(ii) any abuse, misconduct, negligence, theft, or improper use of the system by you or others.

(iii) the system being damaged by acts of God including earthquakes, hurricanes/windstorms, floods, etc.

(iv) failure to perform your obligations including not reporting System problems

(v) failure to provide access, assistance, or cooperation to approved service personnel to assess or remedy a System problem.

(vi) malfunctions covered under manufacture warranties of modules, inverters, or any other major System components.


Installer Workmanship Warranty

Subject to the exclusions and limitations below, all components of Solar System and labor associated with its installation are warrantied by our solar installers of a period of at least 10 years from the date of completion of installation. During that period, the installer shall bear the full cost of diagnosing, repairing or replacing any component of the Solar System that fails or malfunctions, except to the extent that such failure or malfunction is covered by a manufacturer of any component of the Solar System. Components covered by the workmanship warranty are limited to photovoltaic modules, mounting brackets or tracking structures, inverters, wiring, foundations (for free standing systems), and utility-required interconnection equipment. Installer’s warranty also includes any roof leaks caused by the installer during its installation of Solar System. The installer warrants to repair any damage it may cause to the existing finishes or surfaces of the home, such as roof tiles.

The workmanship warranty does not cover: (a) damage or malfunction caused by a failure to properly operate or maintain the Solar System in accordance with instructions provided by the installer and/or component manufacturers; (b) damage or malfunction caused by any repair, replacement or installation of a part or service not authorized in writing by the installer; (c) damage or malfunction resulting from the customer or third party abuse, accident, alteration, improper use, negligence or vandalism, earthquake, fire, flood or other acts of God, war or terrorism, or acts of parties outside of the installer’s control; (d) damage or malfunction resulting from the performance of repairs, maintenance or replacement of roof performed by parties not authorized in writing by the installer.

System Manufacturer Warranty

Solar system manufacturer warranties vary by manufacturer and equipment type. To claim this warranty, refer to the warranty language provided by the manufacturer of your solar system equipment. Pick My Solar advises customers and assists in communication with the manufacturer, but ultimately is not responsible for the execution of the manufacturer’s warranty. Unless otherwise specified in an executed agreement with a manufacturer, the warranties set out by the manufacturer are also subject to general terms and conditions established by the manufacturer.

Module manufacturer warranties typically include a warranty on the product, to protect against material or processing defects, and a warranty on the performance, guaranteeing nominal power output at certain levels through the lifetime of the product. If the module proves to be defective in material or power output, the manufacturer will either: (a) repair the module(s), (b) supplement such deficiency in power by providing additional module(s), (c) replace the module(s), or (d) refund the difference between guaranteed minimal power output and actual power output. The product warranty duration varies by manufacturer, but is between 10 and 25 years. The performance warranty  duration typically is 25 years, depending on the manufacturer. Exclusions apply to module manufacturer warranties, including (a) negligence in transportation and handling, (b) tampering, vandalism or unauthorized service, (c) acts of nature, or (d) other acts outside of the manufacturers control.

Other system equipment manufacturer warranties include inverters, optimizers, monitoring, and other electrical equipment excluding ancillary equipment and consumables such as cables, fuses, wires, and connectors. Warranted periods vary by manufacturer and exclusions apply.