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Pick My Solar Teams Up with Google on Project Sunroof

By August 20, 2015 No Comments
Pick My Solar Teams up with Google Sunroof

Pick My Solar is excited to announce our partnership with Google’s Project Sunroof! After seeing the massive number of searches for solar information on Google’s search platform, Google created Project Sunroof to help inform homeowners on how to go solar and what kind of savings they can expect. Like Pick My Solar, Project Sunroof looks up your home in Google Maps and combines that information with sun, shading, and weather data to create a personalized roof analysis of your home’s potential for solar. We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with Google on this project.

Pick My Solar is an online marketplace which brings the best local installers together with homeowners seeking to go solar. Our unique bidding platform is designed to combine the best customer experience with the most competitive prices in each market. For this reason, Pick My Solar was chosen to be one of 5 exclusive Project Sunroof partners in each of its 3 pilot markets: Boston, San Francisco and Fresno. If you live in any of these areas, check out Project Sunroof for your home here!

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