Update: During COVID-19, the process of going solar is exactly the same as it always is - fully remote and online. From the comfort of your home, you can shop, compare, and discuss with a dedicated energy advisor to ensure you're getting the best deal.

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How Pick My Solar Makes It Easy To Compare Solar Quotes Online

By January 26, 2017 No Comments
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Pick My Solar is a remarkable online solar marketplace helping home and business owners across the nation go solar. When solar companies compete – you save.

We make it easy and hassle-free for you to compare solar companies by finding the best deal on your upcoming project in three easy steps.

  • Tell us about your energy consumption over the past year
  • Review our top recommendations for pre-qualified solar installers in your area
  • Select an all-inclusive solar energy system that is installed professionally

Then, immediately watch your savings on electricity accumulate! Find out how our online solar marketplace works.

Compare Solar Companies

Comparing solar companies involves contacting multiple panel suppliers and compiling quotes before an informed decision is made. The entire process can be overwhelming to most home and business owners. Pick My Solar is the industry’s best advocate for solar energy investors by:

  • Being a one-point of contact online
  • Delivering multiple competitive bids from pre-qualified solar installers online
  • Providing excellent customer service throughout the entire project online

Our online solar energy experts and engineers are on call for your hassle-free journey to going solar.

Pick My Solar Brand

We compare competitive solar panel installation quotes so you don’t have to. There are many unknowns to the average home and business owner wanting to invest in clean, independent, and inexpensive electricity.

  • Comparing costs
  • Financing methods
  • Equipment types
  • Installer options

Free yourself from having to deal with constant sales telephone calls and canvassers knocking on your door to give their pitch. Pick My Solar developed and launched a user-friendly online solar marketplace to rid home and business owners from the daunting and inefficient experience of shopping for a solar energy system.

Our innovative online solar marketplace delivers a unique panel installation shopping experience by:

  • Delivering the ultimate customer experience from start to finish
  • Minimizing every customer’s efforts throughout the entire project

Pick My Solar quotes and bids

Solar Energy Process

Comparing solar company quotes is easy and fun through Pick My Solar’s one-stop shop. Our solar online marketplace is a hassle-free tool designed specifically for you to obtain the most competitive quotes. Pick My Solar provides you with your own dedicated solar power expert who will navigate you through:

  • An easy online process providing quotes from pre-qualified solar installers
  • A hassle-free purchase and financing process online
  • Top customer service post-installation system performance monitoring

Once you have consulted with one of our dedicated solar experts, the rest of the process is executed and accomplished online. In the comfort and privacy of your home, you can review your system design and compare multiple quote options.

  • Less Work
  • Save Money
  • 100% Online

The process of comparing solar companies through our online solar marketplace will save you time and hassle by eliminating unnecessary legwork.

Step 1

Simply chat with one of our solar energy experts for about 15 minutes by calling 888.454.9979 – or – click here to get started. Once we receive a copy of your most recent utility bill, your dedicated Pick My Solar energy expert will:

  • Evaluate your electricity consumption needs
  • Check and confirm your local utility company’s rate schedule
  • Analyze enhanced satellite photos of your home’s roof
  • Evaluate local ratings of year-round sun exposure

Step 2

Your personal energy expert will provide you with competitive quotes from the most qualified solar panel installers in your area. If you have some quotes already in-hand, your energy expert will evaluate them for FREE!

  • Compare equipment options and styles
  • Compare your financing options
  • Compare solar installers

Step 3

Let Pick My Solar help you find the most trusted solar panel companies online at the most affordable cost. You will receive the top three bids from your area’s solar installers. All fees for our online solar marketplace service are paid for by our solar installers.

Now, simply select an all-inclusive solar energy system for installation in your home or business.

  • High pressure sales tactics are eliminated
  • You select the best qualified solar energy system provider
  • Your personal and budgetary needs are met

How It’s Easy To Compare Solar Companies Online

Pick My Solar offers home and business owners the most competitive quotes from solar companies. Our online solar marketplace is free to all solar panel investors. Our one-stop online shop for solar energy is available for one-on-one consultations Monday through Friday – 7:30 a.m. to 7p.m. – for your convenience.

Simply call 888.454.9979 – or – click the icon below to get started comparing solar companies online.

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