Update: During COVID-19, the process of going solar is exactly the same as it always is - fully remote and online. From the comfort of your home, you can shop, compare, and discuss with a dedicated energy advisor to ensure you're getting the best deal.

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How Pick My Solar is Bringing Down the Cost of Solar

How Pick My Solar is Bringing Down the Cost of Solar

When purchasing new items, you want to make sure that you get the best price. The more expensive the item, the more it matters and a new solar photovoltaic system can be tens of thousands of dollars. The more you know about the market, the better price you can often get.

Buying solar can be a very opaque process where you may not know how much you need, or how much it should cost. Your offers may only include those installers that are local or that contacted you directly. This allows installers to dictate the price, and takes power away from you, the homeowner.

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Enter Pick My Solar, an online marketplace for solar. Much like Kayak for travel, or LendingTree for business loans, an online marketplace allows you to compare multiple offers side by side to get the best value. When vendors know that they are competing, they lower their prices to win out over their competition. Pick My Solar uses a blind bid process, where solar installers cannot see other companies’ bids. This encourages them to offer their lowest price available in order to remain competitive. Pick My Solar often receives 15 bids per project and selects the top three offers to show you, both simplifying the solar buying experience and presenting the best price.

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Pick My Solar Also Makes it Easier for Solar Installers

It may seem that installers would not wish to participate in Pick My Solar’s platform if they are forced to offer their services without significant profit margin. However, a solar marketplace is also beneficial to solar installers. Installation companies that operate independently have to spend money on their marketing, sales, and outreach which they fold into their final price to cover their operations. By offering a place for customers who are ready to go solar, Pick My Solar reduces this cost for installers to zero, allowing them to save time and offer lower bid prices.

Constantly Updated Solar Bids and Solar Equipment

Pick My Solar also makes sure that the components offered in solar bids are current and competitive. Newer panels, inverters, and optimizers are more more efficient and help drive down the cost of solar. By listing components side by side, a solar marketplace favors innovation in technology and encourages installers to buy the newest and best equipment. Higher efficiency and greater volume mean that the end price for consumers will continue to reduce over time.

A solar marketplace like Pick My Solar is a win-win situation for installer and for homeowners like you. The low cost of customer acquisition is attractive to the operations of installers who want to reduce overhead. Homeowners benefit from direct competition among installers. Continuous innovation in solar components keeps installers engaged and creates many attractive options for homeowners. Perhaps most importantly, a solar marketplace greatly simplifies the solar buying process, reducing costs, saving time, and providing a transparent process. Solar offers from a solar marketplace can save you up to 20% over direct solar sales from installers. When solar companies compete – you win!

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