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Pick My Solar Launches One-of-a-kind Solar Marketplace Through Con Edison

By October 18, 2017 No Comments
Pick My Solar and Enervee CEO Max Aram and Matthias Kurwig

Los Angeles cleantech companies Pick My Solar and Enervee are working together to produce a unique solar PV online marketplace for consumers in the U.S. Check the video below to know how an online marketplace works.

The innovative solution is constructed on top of Enervee’s current marketplace platform that has already been providing a shopping experience for energy-efficiency to 11% of utility customers throughout the United States, and is poised to attain 20% by the start of 2018. The partnership creates the opportunity to continue the energy conversation to feature solar for millions of online shoppers who are focused on home energy. This effectively taps into a significant customer base for residential solar.

Pick My Solar assists customers in finding the best PV solution for their house, (Find out what is the best solar panel) from preliminary estimates to complete system installation. Enervee shows consumers high-efficiency appliances and other products for their household through a custom portal that includes usage and cost savings estimates for continued use. Pick My Solar is now completed embedded into Enervee’s utility shopping platform, letting users find efficient items and also discover how solar reduces their monthly electricity costs even more.

Matthias Kurwig, Enervee co-founder and CEO:

“Enervee Marketplace and Pick My Solar are a natural complement. We understand that electricity consumption isn’t a priority for people, so allowing the conversation on solar exactly when individuals are interested in replacing appliances and exploring their energy use. This makes the solar consideration all the more useful and individualized for customers. Being able to offer the chance to see how solar could affect appliance running costs provides an additional useful dimension to assisting consumers make informed purchases.”

With PV installation becoming more and more competitive, installers are having an increasing challenge locating high-quality channels for potential customers. With the Enervee Marketplace adopted by utility companies across the country, the concept of adopting solar can now be brought to the forefront at significantly lower costs to more than 13 million households.

Max Aram, Pick My Solar CEO and Co-founder:

“Our partnership with Enervee is a huge win for consumers. A solar system installation takes significant investment, and the size – and price – of that system is dependent on the amount of energy you consume. Therefore, replacing old household appliances with the most best available before going solar makes great sense. Our presence on Enervee’s marketplace for utilities means we can now participate in the dialogue millions of consumers have with their utility about smart energy consumption.”

In addition to clear customer and business benefits from a streamlined solution, there are even more commonalities between the two organizations and their founders. Both are commited to a clean and energy-efficient future made possible through a personalized, informative and straightforward user experience.

Enervee’s and Pick My Solar’s collaboration is now available with Con Edison New York and on Enervee’s own customer site.

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